BobaTrader: Full Options Daytrading Guide

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BobaTrader: Full Options Daytrading Guide


For the last 5 years I dedicated myself to developing an options trading strategy that would allow me make consistent profits, day in day out. This strategy has led to me making over $4M in my trading career, allowing me to quit my job and trade full time.

I focused on mastering only a few setups that I could trade on multiple stocks, and Im ready to share it with everyone, along with many other aspects of trading that helped me get to where I am today.

This course contains:

  • My trading backstory
  • Trading Psychology (How to master your emotions)
  • Basics of Options trading
  • Supports & Resistances (Key levels)
  • Supply & Demand (core of my strategy)
  • My Charting Methods
  • My 2 Setups (Bread and Butter setups i use everyday)
  • Key to Risk Management (How I keep losses small)
  • Small Account Methods
  • Scaling Up (How to go from $100/day to $1k a day)
  • Real examples of my trades from last year.
  • And much more

Heres some feedback so far:

Keep in mind, Im not a financial advisor, nor am I guaranteeing that this course will make you a millionaire overnight. Im a guy who wants to share what hes learned with other people, in the hopes they can learn something as well and apply it to improve their lives financially and mentally.

If you are in any way unhappy with the guide, I offer a lifetime refund policy, just reach out to me via email at TheBobaTrader@gmail.com and I will gladly assist you.

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Full Options Daytrading Guide

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